Kate Spade


We worked with Kate Spade to create visually arresting and shareable content for the Spring 2015 season. We were also enlisted to create various omni-channel marketing assets inclusive of website design, blog, photography and video content for their fun marketing campaign, #travelcolorfully. 



Idol refreshed the brand's digital presence across KateSpade.com all social media channels. Unique photography and video content was created for each of the themed months for the year of travel. Marketing campaigns drove traffic to the site through affiliate, display, SEO, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube, and email marketing.  It was all about surprise and delight, and for the first time, Kate Spade introduced an in-store interactive display, prompting customers to discover hidden content while interacting with the products. 

Branding, Strategy & Concepting, Photography & Video Production

Art Direction, Design & Development