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Influencer Campaigns


For their Winter Holiday Campaign, Rebecca Taylor approached us with a challenge: to tell a story (backed by strategy, of course) that would help to increase brand awareness and engagement during the holiday season. Most importantly, that story would need to be told by women who naturally and authentically embodied the Rebecca Taylor DNA. The requirements bestowed upon them? The women must have: Talent. Cool factor. Influence. And reach. Most importantly, that reach must connect to a highly curated, specifically targeted audience.


We decided that if we were going to tell a story, it must feel like a story. And, if it was going to feel authentic, it must be authentic.


After an extensive search, we tapped Carlotta Kohl: regarded model, photographer, painter and social status-maker, Erika Linder: style maverick and rising actress, Rosie Viva: English rose and gifted photographer, and Laila Gohar*: famed chef and culinary visionary with an equally impressive cult following. The red thread? Each woman, both individually and as a collection, effortlessly reverberated the energy, aesthetic, and tone of the Rebecca Taylor brand.


To create an authentic story, each shared personal reflections of her own inspirations, intimate moments, and private memories in a campaign we called #howsheshines. We then brought their reflections to life through a robust collection of content including photography, interviews, and social — before allowing it to unfold as one beautifully cohesive narrative across Instagram, web, and other digital channels.


With the immediate spike in the brand’s Instagram following that occurred over the six day campaign (we saw over 600 new followers, which accounted for a 70% increase in the brands average accumulation), the increase in brand awareness was clear. Followed by the spike in likes (8,344), views (4,174) and comments (95) that occurred over the same period, the increase in brand engagement was equally clear.


But, perhaps the most momentous achievement of all was the campaign’s ability to genuinely break through the over-crowded, overstimulating holiday noise — proving that with the right strategy, story and sentiment, Rebecca Taylor’s own ability to shine, is abundantly clear. 



Strategy, Campaign Development, Influencer Casting, Editorial Direction,

Photography Production, Social Media Content


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