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Natori has an established legacy as a luxury lingerie and lifestyle fashion label. They have very few wholly owned brick and mortar locations and rely heavily on their relationships with larger retailers to sell their product. This requires customers be made aware of new products that they can seek out at department stores or purchase online. With small collections being released seasonally, Natori was struggling to maintain a robust library of social media content to keep their pages looking fresh and their followers interested. We worked with Natori to refresh existing assets, developing new templates and animations to revive and enhance already used imagery.

We sorted through Natori’s existing asset library to find product shots that could be tied together to tell a six-second animated story in the form of a GIF. We developed different backgrounds, textures and treatments to give the apparel another life in a new kind of social media asset. 


Natori’s small scale media team were really pleased with the refreshed look of their assets and were able to extend the content isn more effective ways before the new photo shoot. The client reported a lift in engagement on the new content than they had seen in similar weeks prior.



Marketing Strategy, Editorial, Social Media, Art Direction, Gifs

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