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Nike Soccer



Leading up to the World Cup, position Nike at the core of America’s passion for soccer and drive awareness around the Nike Soccer brand.

From the outset of this project, working in collaboration with Nike, we knew this project would require a unique approach. We needed to create an authentic campaign that spoke to die-hard soccer fans. Traveling to the heartland of American soccer culture in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and NYC, we sought out the alleyways, parks, and streets where passionate youth and adults were playing the game for one reason - They love it!  We researched and interviewed real players and fans, organized large pick-up game party events that included local DJ’s and promotional giveaways, and created local underground buzz wherever we went. We filmed and photographed everything, producing website assets as well as over 25 short films.



The brand saw a major increase in sales for American soccer merchandise.  The Clint Dempsey ‘Anthem’ video is the third highest all-time viewed Nike Soccer video on YouTube.



Video Concept, Casting, Production, Post Production

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